Ramsey Park (Central Austin)

Ramsey Neighborhood Park

This park has a swimming pool, playground, basketball court, and large grassy lawn.

Ramsey Park is another neighborhood park in Austin, complete with a playground, multipurpose field, swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts. This one also has public restrooms. That isn’t true for all parks, and to me, it’s sometimes a make-or-break situation for parks with our small children. We also enjoyed the mature shade trees.

Ramsey Park Austin

This five-acre park has two barbeque pits, two basketball courts, a multipurpose field, several picnic tables, a playground with equipment for both toddlers and older children, and two tennis courts that are not reserved. There is also a small shelter with public restrooms and a covered area that can be used as a stage, a play area, or a gathering place in the park.

  • Outdoor Fun
  • Park/Outdoor Recreation area
  • Picnic area
  • Playground
  • Pool

Ramsey Pool

Ramsey Pool, located in the park’s southeast corner, is a popular summer destination for cooling off and socializing. During the AISD summer vacation, the Ramsey Park swimming pool is open from early June to late August; times are set aside for lap swimming, swimming lessons, and recreational swimming. Ramsey Park is a no-alcohol zone.


Ramsey Park is not large, but it is large enough to accommodate the crowds and families. This past Saturday, there were a lot of people at the park. The playground has two playscapes, one for toddlers and one for older children. Even the larger playscape, I believe, is suitable for a toddler because it is still low to the ground and mostly enclosed.

My kids have been to so many parks by now that they usually just focus on the one thing that makes each park unique. The kids adored the old-fashioned metal slide. The slide is about 15 feet tall, with a two-inch lip on either side to keep the kids from falling off. I was a little nervous as they zipped down that thing. The metal was hot, but the monkeys didn’t seem to mind. Most of the old school playground equipment had been ripped up and replaced with ubiquitous plastic ones, so this was a complete throwback.

We left Ramsey Park in search of a lesser traveled space to play, but the kids did enjoy the park. There is not a formal parking lot, but there is plenty of street parking. Ramsey Park is a well-maintained, rectangular park near many of Austin’s local eats along Burnet. Park curfew is 10 pm – 5 am.

Ramsey Park
4301 N. Rosedale Ave.
Austin, TX 78756

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