Best 275+ Teddy Bear Names: Cute, Famous, Traditional & Unique

Naming a Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a significant part of every childhood. Kids adore these cute stuffed toys and thus naming a teddy bear is really essential for them. They feel that teddy bears will stay with them forever, through the good and bad, and give comfort.

Every kid makes a unique bond with their bear . For a few, they give warmth and support, while others become best friends forever. In kids and even in grown-ups eyes, a teddy bear is genuine and they have sentiments.

Each teddy has its own identity and physical characteristics. They come in a variety of vibrant colors and in all sizes. Large enchanting eyes, soft foreheads , squishy stomach and small button noses — all these adorable baby-like features that make these cuteness filled toys so irresistible.

Your ideal best friend bear needs an interesting name. Here is a super jam-packed list with the best 275+ teddy bear names.

History of the Teddy Bear Name

Did you know that the Teddy Bear was fabricated as an appreciation for President Theodore Roosevelt?

Everything started when Theodore Roosevelt was on a bear chasing trip close Onward, Mississippi. You can read full story via . Morris Michtom, a Brooklyn candy retailer, made a stuffed toy bear and devoted it to the president and called it ‘Teddy’s Bear’.

Cute Teddy Bear Names

With so many options for teddy bear names, it’s hard to know where to begin ?

Choosing a cute name for your little one’s new teddy bear can be overwhelming. You want one that sounds as adorable as your kid and one that gives teddy a stunning personality. Some suggestions are below :

Caramel Melody Cherry Winnie
Sugar plum Snugglebug Honeypot Cuddles
Kiki Chubby Pie Pumpkin Twinky winky
Apple Lovebug Zoey Snowball
zuzu Buttercup Lottie Coco
Pancake BooBoo Baloo Pooh
Angel Kiwi Pomo Fudgy
Rio Squashy Icy Blue MilkyPooh
Snowyboo Oozy Sprinkles HuggieBee

Unique Teddy Bear Names

If you always want to stand out from the crowd , you would definitely want to check out our unique list of teddy bear names given below :

Adora Flowery Izzy Ayaana
Bean Cricket Anise Oreo
Bureau Bamboo Cotton Chi Chi
Violety Pluto Jasmine Sprouty
Juno Pearl Goofy Marshmallow Lucy Lu
Babloo Moose Snowball Otto
Kiyara Biscuity Diamond Tiara
Kokopie Nacho Bluebell Comfyboo

Funny Teddy Bear Names

Want even more options? Sometimes it’s fun to go off the beaten path and choose a funny name instead of traditional and popular names . Here is the list of funny teddy names that you could make use of.

Clooney Beary Potter Snacks Fisher
Matcha Bearly Chubs Mr.Bean Smokey
Oozy Chubs Bowzer Napoleon Waffles
Picasso Frankenstein Hot sauce Guardian
Jimmy Chew Beethoven Grilled Bun Ron
Virginia Yolanda Lazy Bear Butters
Gandalf Mr.Kisses Ding Dong Armor

Girl Teddy Bear Names

If the new addition to your kid’s best friend list is a girl , here is some inspiration .

Adelyn Honeysuckle Lavender Nutmeg
Rococo Carla Ginger Kit Kat
Pandora Kiki Nightingale Rainbow
Eliza Pistachio Pee Wee Harmony
Jelly Bean Isadora Davina Dolly
Amelia Lady J Mazie Freya
Lollipop Butterscotch Charlotte Akira

Boy Teddy Bear Names

And if it’s a boy , you can choose something from below :

Riley Harley Harley Blue
Sammy Bubba Sparky Tucker
Champ Murphy Rocco Oliver
Cooper Flash Wagner Diesel
Max Viggo Zack Snoopy
Chewie Pebbles Pluto Victor
Eddie Goose Ringo Aero

Gender Neutral Names

Naming a teddy bear can be difficult at times and you’ll have to go through numerous lists of names until you find the right one. You can give this gender neutral name list a go.

Fluffy Ariel Chico Foster
Popscicle Donnie Sparky Espresso
Chocolaty Unicorn Woody Popcorn
Dusty Galaxy Ziggy Echo
Poochie Nugget Lucky Spring
Autumn Cosmo Leaves Pickle
Lee Bee Ivory Brownie Fuzzy

Famous Teddy Bear Names

If you want some famous and popular names , here are some suggestions below :

Yogi Humphrey Tigger Simba
Teddy Narla Bagheera Gummy Bear
Paddington Toto Ted Skylar
Skylar Racer Scooter Mr. Goodbear

Famous Character Names

If your kid is fond of classic characters like Charlie , Popeye or Minnie , here is your lifesaver list:

Minnie Donald Simpson Popeye
Mowgli Bugs Bunny Charlie Wile
Scooby Doo Betty Boop Tweety Arthur
Mickey Alvin Nemo Jerry
Elsa Anna Olaf Pabbie

Vintage/Old Fashioned Teddy Bear Names

Want some Vintage peculiar names for your teddy ? Some kids may enjoy names related to history . Here are some examples of old fashioned names :

Alistar Lulu Hazel Norris
Harry Agatha Kent Forrest
Jennings Ralph Bernice Scout
Liam Myra Geneva Maura
Celestine Russell Summer Rub
Elaine Langsto Hyatt Doris
Eva Posey Lorraine Chester

Quirky Teddy Bear Names

You can have quirky names on peculiar traits in the teddy bear. These can be super fun or unique and chances that your kid will love it too.

Koglin Matroska Sprocket Sprocket
Quigley Polo Wagner Benat
Mooch Corduroy Sabby Wadsworth

Care Bear Names

If your child enjoys the Care Bears, there is a possibility that they would love to name their teddy after one of them. Here are a few :

Good Luck Bear Share Bear Rainbow Heart Bear Funshine Bear
Bedtime Bear Grumpy Bear Lotsa Heart Bear Wish Bear
Wonderheart Bear Cheer Bear Great Giving Bear Harmony Bear
Bright-heart Bear Peggy Bear Piece of Heart Bear Cozy Heart Bear

French Teddy Bear Names

Still in confusion and want more suggestions ? Then check out french teddy bear names below :

Amie Coquette Papillon Fleur
Leon Bijou Noir Marvel
Esmé Pascal Aubin Vivien
Chloe Adieu Renée Adelaide
Pierre Beau Maurice Yves

The Importance of Naming a Teddy Bear

Even though some teddy bears have their own tag name – Winnie The Pooh, Polar, and Ted, it is imperative to cut that tag off and name them in order to feel that human connection.

By giving a cute, funny or famous name to your little one’s teddy bear, it gets a character and your kid can feel a sense of belonging and a more profound association .

Children utilize their creative mind for everything and they can name a teddy even without the help of parents.

How to Name a Teddy Bear

Whatever name your kid picks for the teddy bear, be certain it will be something they’ll recall lifelong. Kids are super quick at picking up something, so they may take one glance at it and name a teddy on the go.

However in the event that nothing rings the bell, here are some useful tips:

  • Encourage your kid to choose the teddy bear name. The only thing that matters most is how our little one enjoys spending time with the new teddy.
  • Examine If it is a girl or boy teddy? Some other distinctive highlights that would sort the names for bears. You can even give gender neutral names .
  • Having a name your kid can’t recollect or pronounce should be avoided, because kids make an emotional association with the teddy as indicated by the name. So you can even give a simple , yet cute nick names to teddy.
  • Ask them about their favorite cartoon characters or character names from their favorite books. You can keep any of such names like Winnie, Scoobey and Woody.
  • Spend some time with your kid and examine the teddy bear. Try to find out some peculiar features – fluffy eyes, button nose, brown in color, Soft furry material . Try to name them by those features– Fluffy, Browny, Softy, Snowy.
  • Check for the theme. Is it a themed teddy bear? Does it wear any ensemble – a red heart dress/ flowers/a cop / a princess/ a graduation party , or even a ballet dancer dress? If yes, name them by that.
  • Ask your kid to write down or tell everything they love about the new teddy . Shortlist and cross check our list for some unique suggestions and name the teddy!

Fun Ways to Pick a Name

There are such a significant number of good teddy bear names out there, so it truly shouldn’t be astonishing if your kid wouldn’t like to choose only one.

It’s alright and typical to be hesitant, yet it is additionally important to utilize this as a chance to show your kids how to settle on a choice when the decisions are intense. All things considered, few out of every odd decision made in life will be simple, and in some cases you simply need to figure out how to settle on the choice!

Here are a couple of kid friendly approaches to settle on a choice:

Draw from a cap: Ask your kid to pick the names they like best and pen it down on bits of paper and put them all into a cap. Let them choose one name from the cap and it will be quite an intriguing activity.

Coordinating game: Cut out squares of paper. Write the names that your kid likes on isolated pieces, yet make two cards for each name. Spread them out and let the kid turn each over one by one. The primary match your kid makes will be the name of teddy!

Flip a coin: If there are only two names, this one can work well indeed! Heads is name A, and tails is name B.

We have a huge teddy bear collection at home and there is a story behind each and everyone of them. We even bought one soft stuffed teddy , months before our little one was born and she is our favorite among all.

Our toddler cannot resist their adorable faces. We named some of them – Voilety, Bearu, Snowy, Anna, Oozy and Brownie.

What are the names of teddy bears your little one have? Share those cute , funny and unique names and emotional stories behind them (if there is any) in the comment section below !


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