Required Summer Fun For Country Kids!

Outdoor Fun Activities

Growing up in the country, all of the activities on this list were completely normal summer activities. I never would have thought that there were some people who hadn’t experienced them. Then I met my husband, he grew up in Houston. He was shocked when I brought up a few of these ideas. Now that we have moved from the city to the country/suburbs, I plan to do these activities with my children each year until they’re “too old” and don’t enjoy them anymore. I don’t know though, I’m an adult, and I still enjoy all of them. I created my list of activities, and included some directions and precautions to take for my readers that hail from the city, but want to give their children some “good ol’ country” summer fun.

Catching Fireflies

1. Provide a big clear plastic jar with a lid. Make sure you put a few small holes in the top so air can get in.
2. Take your child into the lawn at dusk during warm weather. Hint: Taller grass will have more fireflies.
3. Wait quietly to show them the lights flashing.
4. Then catch a few with an insect net, or even your hands, fireflies don’t bite.
5. Put fireflies in the jar and quickly cover.
6. Fireflies will light up your night outside for hours.

Finding Crayfish

1. Find a shallow stream with a rocky bottom.
2. Bring a bucket
3. *practice water safety* you know your child’s abilities, keep a very close eye on them.
4. Move stones to try to get the crayfish out.
5. Once you see one, you can scoop it out with your bucket.
6. If you try to pick them up with your hands, always grab just behind the pincers. I do not suggest letting young children do this, they could get pinched.

Frog Races

1. Find a marshy/muddy area and bring a bucket
2. Have each child catch a frog.
3. Create a race track by drawing a start and finish line with sidewalk chalk.
4. Each child places their frog at the starting line, letting go at the same time.
5. Have the children cheer for their frog and see who’s makes it to the finish line first.

Walking in the Mud

1. Parents should always check to be sure there are no hazardous items in the mud prior to children entering.
2. Children should wear water shoes or rain boots to ensure that they don’t hurt their feet on sharp rocks in the mud.
3. Let them have at it!
4. Encourage them to jump, run and splash! Not only is this great sensory play, kids just love mud!
5. Soak muddy clothes in a bucket prior to putting them in your washing machine.

Making Mud-Pies

1. Provide old pie tins a muddy area, point out rocks, grass, leaves and flowers that can be used to make a “yummy” mud-pie!
2. Encourage creativity and design!
3. Suggest they make mud cookies, or muffins!
4. Some children may even like to hunt down some worms to incorporate into the yuckiness!

Running through the Sprinkler

1. Pull the hose out into an open area and attach a sprinkler
2. Encourage them to get wet!
3. Do it with them!
4. Depending on age, you could add pre-filled water balloons/super-soakers around the sprinkler
5. Enjoy your water war!

Camping Outdoors

1. Set up a tent (even if it is just a sheet, some sticks and strings!) You could use this as a STEM moment and discuss gravity and tension!
2. Bring flashlights, pillows and sleeping bags.
3. Use a fire pit to roast marshmallows (adults only)
4. Have children assemble their own s’mores.

I hope you get the opportunity to enjoy some of these activities this summer! They will help build amazing memories for the whole family! Are there any activities that you do? I’d love to hear about your summer childhood activities and memories! Remember to follow me on social medial and share links that you enjoy!

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