Mountain View Park (Northwest Austin)

Mountain View Park has a fun playscape as well as a pavilion, baseball field, and tennis courts. The park, part of the upper Bull Creek area, is about 1.5 miles from Northwest Balcones Park and Tanglewood Park. Mountain View, like Northwest Balcones, is a City of Austin park that serves the surrounding neighborhoods, but it is a couple of acres larger.

From the name, I expected a view similar to Mt. Bonnell, but all I got was a view of the hilly neighborhoods. I imagine that without the nearby residential development, this location would have been stunning at one time, but at the very least, the visible homes are lovely.

  • Playground
  • Green Space
  • Basketball
  • Picnic
  • Tennis
  • Dog Walking (On-Leash)
  • Deer

Despite the fact that the park has a lot of trees, there isn’t much shade where it’s needed (for the kids), which is directly over the playscapes. Having said that, because of the large covered pavilion with patio tables and restrooms, this park would be a great place for playgroups to meet. (The pavilion can be reserved through Austin’s PARD, or it is open to the public when it is not in use.) Except for the swings for older children, which are separated from the rest of the playground, all of the play structures are together.

This playground is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. My one-year-old preferred the larger tube slide to the smaller playscape because it is easier to get on and off. My kids had the most fun on the lone, bright yellow tire swing hanging all by itself. The playground is not far from the pavilion.

The athletic fields and courts are located the farthest away from the pavilion and parking lot. A baseball field, basketball courts, and tennis courts are available. If you came here to walk the kids for exercise, you’d get a good workout because the trail is somewhat hilly. Because the path is relatively flat, a sturdy, non-jogging stroller would suffice. The park was clean and well-kept.

Mountain View Park is equipped with restrooms, a water fountain, picnic tables, and a fun playscape. If you plan to hike Spicewood Valley Trail, bring mosquito repellent, water bottles, and a trail map. Please keep in mind that we do not swim in Bull Creek due to concerns (or a lack of information) about the water quality.

The address directs you to Middlebie Rd, but to get to the parking lot, take Westerkirk Dr. instead. The address is 8700 Westerkirk Dr. The parking lot is small, perhaps for a dozen cars, but this park is so far out in the suburbs that I doubt it would be crowded at any time unless there was a party planned there.

Mountain View Park
9000 Middlebie Dr.
Austin, TX 78750

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