Inner Space Cavern (Georgetown)

Family Tour of Inner Space Cavern

When it’s over 100 degrees outside and the pool is getting old, why not find a way 50+ feet below ground to stay cool? That’s just what we did. Off to Inner Space, we went with friends! This was the first “spelunking” expedition for our kids, and probably the third time that hubby and I had visited the cave over the years.

We purchased tickets and waited a short time for our tour group to be called, which gave ample time for the kids to peruse the gift shop and whine about this or that they wanted. My daughter has been to work with me and seen all the geology specimens in the science prep/storage rooms so she was beside herself with all the polished rocks and minerals for sale. ”It’s just like your work only I can buy a rock and take it home!” Now how do I deny a child a bit of earth I promised her two rocks (or minerals) when we finished the tour if she could tell me one thing about the cave when we got out.

Our tour group crammed into the people mover tram, riding down the inclined track into darkness. Before proceeding any further, we were all asked to take photos for “security” reasons which may be true, but the photos are printed for later purchase at the gift shop. Our tour guide, in true tour guide fashion, had a multitude of corny jokes, but that didn’t detract from the wonder of the cavern. I appreciated the little bits of geology trivia, but mostly I just ignored the jokes and snapped a zillion photos to use in my classroom.

I’m not a geology buff by nature, but I was still awestruck at the enormity of the cave and how long it takes to form everything in it. My first adventure into a cave was when I was a young child, visiting Tennessee with the family, and I remember being so proud of myself for knowing the words stalactite and stalagmite. Hooray for passing down this bit of mineral geek to my three-year-old who now can identify a stalactite and stalagmite with the best in the tour group.

When asked what their favorite part of the tour was, my daughter said she liked the story the tour guide told about the princess, using different cave formations as props. My son said that he liked the train ride going down and the “chicken nugget” bats that are in the cave.

I would recommend sturdy walking shoes, preferably ones with a little bit of traction. Parts of the cave can be slippery, even with handrails in the steeper areas. I’d also recommend wearing breathable clothing. The cave is cool (low 70s) but very humid. The adventure experience is not physically grueling. The kids handled the hour-long walking just fine.

The one-hour “adventure tour” price is $17.95 per adult and $9.95 for children (ages 4-12). Kids under 3 get in for free. I think visiting this cave (or any cave) is worth every penny. Mother Earth is fantastic.

How long is the tour through Inner Space Caverns?

The Inner Space Caverns tour takes about 4 hours. People need to be in good physical condition for this tour. The minimum age is 13.

How deep is the Inner Space Cavern?

If you’re wondering how deep Inner Space Caverns is, the Texas Speleological Survey says it’s 69 feet. Inner Space Caverns is open all year and provides multiple excursions, making it ideal for summer family activity in Georgetown. Adventure Tour – This 75-minute guided tour of these Texas natural caves covers just over a mile.

How old is the Inner Space Cavern?

Inner Space is believed to be sixty to hundred million years old and is located in Edwards Limestone (Mesozoic Era).

Does Inner Space Cavern have bats?

Inner Space Cavern near Georgetown, Texas, has evolved into a bat education center owing to cooperative tricolored bats (Perimyotis subflavus) and enthusiastic tour guides. During their guided tour, over 300,000 people every year will get up and personal with bats.

Are dogs allowed in Inner Space Cavern?

Inner Space Caverns provides a welcoming kennel accessible for visiting dogs while their owners are away.

Inner Space Cavern
4200 S Interstate 35
Georgetown, TX 78626-8000
(512) 931-2283

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