Quarry Splash Pad (Leander)

Leander’s Quarry Splash Pad

When it comes to splash pads, Austin is a bit dry, so if you want to branch out from the typical pool scene, you’ll have to drive a little. But I’m here to tell you why the 25-minute drive to Leander’s Quarry Splash Pad is well worth it.

There are several splash zones for kids of all ages. Small fountains are located closest to the main seating area and are ideal for children. For the older children, there are also areas with rotating water shooters.

Bring your own food and drinks to the splash pad, so pack a lunch or snacks. In case you forget something, the concession stand sells waters, sodas, popsicles, chips, and other snacks.

Hooray for the Quarry Splash Pad at the Southwest Williamson County Regional Park! This place couldn’t have opened at a better time, seeing as how our weather forecast pretty much just predicts HOT for the foreseeable future.

My friends and I decided to pack picnic lunches and head to the new splash pad with the kids to check it out. My friend was ever so kind to email this map to me since I wasn’t sure where exactly the splash pad is within the park. (“X” marks the splash pad.) We only saw one staked sign, pointing to the Quarry, so basically just keep driving on Perry Mayfield until you reach the splash area.

Entrance is $2 per person regardless of age, and there is an electronic machine next to the refreshment stand that collects money.  After you’ve paid for your tickets, you’ll need to find a place to lay your towels. There are several picnic tables, but only a few are located in an area where you can see most of the water features. The same can be said for shaded areas. As a result, you’re more likely to just throw down your towels on the turf in a shady spot and get comfy-cozy with your neighbors.

I was surprised at how green the grass appeared until we got up close and realized that the grass is artificial turf.  It’s brilliant, the ultimate form of xeriscaping. Actually we quite enjoyed the artificial turf because my kids get a little fussy about sitting on grass, even with a picnic blanket, but they just laid down their beach towels right on the grass next to the picnic table we claimed.

I didn’t realize that there was a sand pit so I didn’t pack any shovels and buckets for the kids. The park hasn’t been open long enough for communal discarded buckets. The best part about this sand pit is that it is flanked on one side with water geysers and a spray shower stand so the kids for a change did not come home all gritty from having rolled around in the sand pit.

To get from the sand pit to the rest of the water park, it’s quickest to walk underneath the bridge.  There are two rock climbing walls under the bridge, and the ground beneath is the soft playground rubber.

We went this week on a Sunday afternoon when it wasn’t too crowded. We went on a weekday last year, and it was insanely busy. Many day cares apparently do field trips during the week, so you may want to call ahead and see if they will disclose whether field trips are taking place on site that day.

The Quarry Splash Pad at Williamson County Southwest Regional Park
3005 Co Rd 175
Leander, TX 78641

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